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graffiti paint

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Easy-to-do Modern Nail Art!
Learn Graffiti Paint - A lesson which uses a certain item to design letters.

One of instructor mayu's most liked designs on Instagram,
learn how to create this simple, trendy and cool nail art design.

You might be wondering:
what does she use to make these stylish letters that look like graffiti?

In this lesson, instructor mayu will reveal her "secret weapon"
and all the other tricks you need to give the nail design the perfect finish.

◯How to be extra ready to avoid drawing mistakes.
◯What to do if you make a mistake.
◯Tips, and making the best use of DUALOOKS.
◯Things to be careful of when applying a sticker near the cuticle.
◯Masking the sticker.

And more! Learn the best techniques in this content-rich lesson.

Featuring the latest sticker collection of Sha-Nail produced by instructor mayu, you will learn:
・How you can make the best usage of the stickers.
・How to mask the stickers well and not make it look like an "actually sticker".

Everything you need to know to improve your skills.


No stickers? No worries!
This art design looks great even without the stickers.

Once you master the technique, the number of combinations become limitless!

This fresh and new look can be customized by you in imaginable ways.

You will see how the base gel color makes a difference in this design.
Bring your client together to brainstorm an infinite number of design ideas!