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projection flowers / feliz

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A high sense nail art with a complex flower design!
Learn the flower art in the instructor mayu's style, mature but pretty!

This lesson will use a newly released sticker from Sha-nail produced by the instructor mayu,
"DUALOOKS #bug / #reverb," and create a flower nail art.

An elaborate nail art design with many materials being incorperated.

Flower nail art is one of the staple designs,
so it's important to have a wide range of variation.

Having a large stock of design is important for salon work where
a wide range of customers with different taste and age comes.

In this lecture, "projection flowers/ feliz," we will be making a flower nail art
with a unique impression, using "DUALOOKS" stickers.

It is a Mayu sensei taste flower nail art that is cute and mature.

This lession will focus on how to balance the materials as well as

◯How to draw an antique style rose
◯How to add slight nuance that would change the finishing look
◯Imporatant pointers for deciding where to lay the sticker

will be the focus of the lesson.

Because this nail art will be made by stacking the materials, instructions for how to balance
the designs out will be explained thoroughly.

In this lesson, the base color will be khaki, but
the colors can be rearranged to your liking which is a feature of this nail art.

Change the base color according to the customer's preference!

Please enjoy making this nail art while thinking about how to balance the materials out.