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DECORATING -Finishing Decorations-

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【Before taking this lesson】
Have you already taken the following lessons?
DRAWING ON COOKIES -Drawing Outlines-
BASE COATING ON COOKIES -Applying the Base Icing-

Make your cookies even cuter and more vibrant!
Learn how to add finishing touches and beautifully wrap your cookies!

Aim for a high-quality finish!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to finish up your cute cupcake icing cookie design using all the techniques you learned up until now.

The decoration is the most important part of icing cookie making.
Once you have applied your outline and base icing, it's time for the finishing touches.

In this lesson, Yohko Takahashi will teach you how to beautifully finish off your icing cookie decorations and how to beautifully wrap it!

Be sure to check out how she completes her adorable cupcake icing cookie!

◆How to make the surface cute and puffy
◆Finishing touches to make the cookie look more like a cupcake
◆Yohko's special wrapping techniques

These and other useful skills that you can also use for other designs are included in this lesson!

Once you master all the small touch-ups, you'll be a pro at perfecting any icing cookie!
This lesson will help both icing cookie beginners and those with some experience looking to widen the scope of their designs.

This lesson is full of tips and tricks from Yohko. You'll learn how to create many variations of the same cupcake design too.

Master Yohko's cute and colorful design and try making adorable icing cookies for yourself at home!
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