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【Certificate Available】Colors Nail's Embroidery Art

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You will be eligible for the purchase of the certificate by taking this lesson.
If you wish to purchase it, you can do so on "my page" later. (extra charge required, 3,000 yen + tax + shipping cost)The certificate is to be shipped via mail.We will contact you individually when you have purchased the certificate.

※You will be charged for the shipping cost to the address outside of Japan.


Learn how to create a trending embroidery art piece!

This lesson will be presented in a Colors Nail style.

In this lesson, learn how to draw the embroidery art.
The points for everything from painting the base color to the finishing touch will be thoroughly explained.

This fashionable embroidery nail art can be used all year round and will surely be very popular at your salon.

The design is simple yet elegant so it can be used
as a main or sub-main design.

The embroidery pattern with lines and dots is
sure to raise questions to others on how it is drawn.

Learn how to draw the complicated design from scratch in this lesson.

The technique on how to draw thin lines evenly will also be taught in this lesson.
Learn the details of how to make high quality embroidery art.

◯Tips for making the top coat flat so that it is easier to draw on the nail
◯Things to be careful about when drawing fine art
◯How to draw symmetrically

will be also taught in the lesson.

The type of brush you should use when drawing fine art and the reasons why will be explained as well.

FanFan's recommended color, a brick-like red color,
is used in this lesson, but the colors can be arranged to your liking.

You can draw it using a main focal color, or
pick a color that matches the main design if the embroidery is your secondary design.
Please try it out using many different colors!

Please try to add your own twist and try out your own original design
once you master how to draw this art.
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