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【Certificate Available】TORTOISESHELL OPAL

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You will be eligible for the purchase of the certificate by taking this lesson.
If you wish to purchase it, you can do so on "my page" later. (extra charge required, 3,000 yen + tax + shipping cost)The certificate is to be shipped via mail.We will contact you individually when you have purchased the certificate.

※You will be charged for the shipping cost to the address outside of Japan.


Let's add variations of tortoiseshell designs!

FanFan mainly explains how to create a sense of depth in the design in this lesson.

In this lesson, she teaches you how to make an opal design with tortoise shell color.

It's a design of the standard autumn-winter pattern of tortoiseshell
with a brilliance and a sense of depth which are typical in the instructor FanFan's design.

A tortoiseshell pattern is very popular among a wide range of people
so many of you might want to add it to your salon work
or challenge yourself with the complicated design.

This elaborate tortoiseshell opal design with intricately mixed materials and colors
is guaranteed to make customers happy!

She tells you tips on adding a feeling of the season
as well as a brilliance and a sense of depth to a tortoiseshell design.

In addition, she explains:

◯ An item to use for making the realistic texture of an opal.
◯ A trick to fit a hard-to-stretch sheet onto a nail neatly
◯ How to shade a tortoiseshell color to give an elaborate impression
◯ Tips on making a neat dragline.

She also mentions details such as which type of brush to use for the design and the reason why,
and also how to clean the brush.

A popular tortoiseshell pattern will be more gorgeous by adding opal.

You can also enjoy making your own arrangements for it
since it's a classic design you can use every year.

Go ahead and master the design which can be used as a main or sub art
and use it in your salon work!
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