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Fanfan's hand-painted artwork, now available as stickers!
Fanfan will explain how anyone can enjoy her hand-painted art!

This lesson is a tutorial on how to make nail art
with stickers available from TSUMEKIRA and produced by Fanfan.

We will use stickers designed and hand-painted entirely by Fanfan.

These stickers are named CUT OUT ART.
As the name suggests, this is a sticker you can use like cutout art.

Now that Fanfan's cutout paper-style art developed at her own salon is available as stickers,
anyone can enjoy Fanfan-style cutout nail art.

In this lesson, Instructor Fanfan shows how to use cutout stickers
and how to combine them with gold accessories and gemstone art to produce intricate designs.

She will explain how to make complex nail art using CUT OUT stickers.

In addition, the lesson is packed with information, like:

◆ How to accurately center the sticker on the nail
◆ How to make gemstone jewel art, which can be incorporated into other nail art
◆ How to apply coating to maintain the 3D effect of the accessories

and more.

In this lesson a clear base coat is used so that you can easily see what's going on
but adding color to the base will also make for a beautiful finish.

Combine different base coats and sticker colors
to match your client's personality!

Gemstone jewelry is cute on its own and can also be used in combination with other designs;
we highly recommend mastering the technique.
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