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Crystal Amber

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A sophisticated gemstone nail design!

Learn how to make amber nails with a beautiful combination of colors.

This lesson teaches how to create amber nails with beautifully blended
brown and black, using gel polish as the primary material.

This highly realistic design with calculated depth instantly makes your nails look refined and sophisticated.

Achieving the perfect blend of colors as if they were mixed directly on the nail requires a careful application of gel polishes.

Rather than simply placing the gel on the nail, you will need to
use the brush to mix the gel just enough to create different shades of the colors.

In this lesson, you will learn how to properly apply the gel as well as how to create different tints and shades,
and understand the appropriate application of gel that creates a nice blend of colors.

It also teaches:

◯The correct brush pressure for blending colors
◯The choice of the base color to create a realistic amber design
◯An extra little step to achieve a translucent look

and much more.

The tutorial shows all the steps, including
framing the nail with a line tape and adding stones,
and you'll be able to directly apply what you have learned to your salon work!

This design can have different personalities depending on the decoration parts you add!

The mature brown looks nice with accessory parts in gold or other vivid colors,
so create your very own design with the stones and accessory parts of your choice.

The amber nail design Summer creates, with special attention to the depth and translucency, will definitely be useful in your salon work.

If you have never properly learned how to make amber nails,
acquire the authentic amber nail techniques with this tutorial!
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