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Colorful Cotton Candy

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Nuance art with the right touch of sweet and cute!
This tutorial demonstrates how to make a design that looks like cotton candy, perfect for the spring and summer!

This lesson shows you how to make nuance art in pink shades.

It's a perfect design for spring that features depth and shine.

Though the main color is pink, by using blue and yellow accents, the design doesn't become too cutsey.

Just using a variety of colors isn't enough to create beautiful nuance art.

This lesson explains how to layer colors,
as well as what textures and materials to incorporate to create a sense of dimension.

It's a design that's simple to make as long as you master the steps.

In addition, the tutorial includes tips like:

◯The order of applying the colors
◯Why you should cut the aurora film into triangular shapes
◯When and how to add the white paint to create nuance

and much more!

The tutorial explains everything from how to attach the chain near the cuticle to how to apply the finishing coat!

The design immediately brings glamor to the fingertips, and is perfect for warm months!

Once you've mastered the steps, play around with color variations.

This time pink is the main color, but shades of blue,
yellow, and green would also work beautifully.

Master the steps and the secrets to layering color for a surefire hit at the salon!

Be sure to learn instructor Summer's nuance art, and use it widely for spring and summer salon work!