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Rose Quartz

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A nail design that is cute, yet not too flamboyant!
You will learn to create gorgeous translucent nails resembling gemstones.

In this lesson, the instructor will teach you how to make nails in the fashion of a pink-hued stone.

While pink, these nails have just the perfect amount of sweetness,
just like the instructor, Summer.

The secret to this charming design is in its transparency.
The focus of this lesson is on how to leave a sense of transparency while still keeping the nails colorful.

This video is a must-see for learning not just how to add color, but how to use the brush for blending them as well.

Besides that, you will also learn:

◯The means for creating a sense of depth
◯Using white to make a balanced color scheme
◯The trick for making an impeccable border

and much more.

This radiant and crystalline art with a sophisticated yet cute style is just right for spring and summer!

Even though this piece looks elaborate, it doesn't actually take much time to make.

Because the design is surprisingly easy to make, there is no doubt it will come in handy at busy nail salons.

It works as a simple main piece, or can be paired as the secondary design with a showier nail.

Master Summer's quick nail art pieces and use them widely at your nail salon this spring and summer.

Also, you can choose whatever colors you like.
Blue and green would also be some good options for spring and summer,
so go ahead and experiment freely!
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