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Check Knit Nail

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A check-patterned nail design perfect for the winter!
Learn how to make a nail design focusing on the knit sweater-like texture.

This lesson is on how to make a check pattern with emphasis on the knit-like look.

Among the collection of check-patterned designs popular in the fall and winter,
work on a newly arranged version, a check knit.

Check patterns, a classic form of nail art popular among a wide range of customers,
becomes a useful design for salon work blended with the trend of the year.

By taking in new check patterns every year,
keep updating the go-to nail design for your salon work.

In this lesson, the instructor talks about how to make a check pattern nicely
along with how to make the design look knit-like. Also featured in the lesson are;

◯Tips on making the base to create a knit-like look
◯Things to be careful of when drawing check lines
◯How to draw patterns when using stickers

and many more.

The design looks pretty with font stickers.
Learn how to draw patterns when applying stickers on the design.

Since the procedures themselves are simple, once you master the key points,
it will make a perfect design for salon work.

Once you've mastered the basics, make arrangements for more variation!

The main colors used in this lesson are black and red,
but the design changes its impression depending on the colors used.

Try making the design with different colors
according to the characters and the orders of your customers.

The font of the stickers
changes the impression as well.
Please try making the design incorporating various fonts!
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