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White Tortoiseshell

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Update the classic autumn/winter art!
This lesson teaches how to create a white tortoiseshell in a short amount of time.

The white tortoiseshell is becoming the new classic for autumn and winter.
Hidekazu will be teaching his way to make the art even more stylish.

It's an artwork with a white base color and tortoiseshell that'll create depth.

It looks complicated, but it doesn't take much time at all.

Yes, there are many tips to keep in mind,
but the process itself is very simple and great for salon work.

So, he'll explain all the simple procedures
and tips to add depth to the artwork.

◯The placement of the color to create movement
◯The thought process when creating a well-balanced pattern
◯The viscosity of the white to create a clean pattern

The video contains the above points and many more.
Soon, you'll be able to apply this at a salon work, once you master these tips.

In this lesson, he uses 3 other colors besides the main white.
The sky is the limit when it comes to the combination of colors.

Changing colors will create different impressions.
Try changing the colors according to the client.

Use it as a simple main art on solid-colored nails.
Or match it with another pattern and use it as a semi-main art.

After mastering the white tortoiseshell,
you can also try framed tortoiseshell
or draw it with the bijoux art. Apply the design to different artwork.

Please try it out!
Take this opportunity to learn the tortoiseshell and use it in your salon work!
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