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BASE COATING ON COOKIES -Appling the Base Icing-

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【Before taking this lesson】
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DRAWING ON COOKIES -Drawing Outlines-

A big step towards a finished icing cookie!
This lesson will teach you how to apply and dry the base icing.

You're almost done with your cookie!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to apply the main step in cookie decoration: the base icing!

The royal icing decoration determines the quality of an icing cookie.
The most important parts are the outline and base icing.

Once you have your outline, it's time for the base.

This lesson will carefully explain how to apply the base icing like a professional!

◆How to avoid air bubbles
◆The best consistency for base icing
◆The wet-on-wet technique useful for applying dots and other patterns
◆Advice on drying the icing

These and many other techniques from Yohko Takahashi are included in this lesson.

Since this lesson lets you play back Yohko's process over and over, you can catch all her techniques and learn them yourself.

Whether you have just started making icing cookies or you have been struggling with decorations, this lesson is filled with helpful skills.

Once you apply the base neatly, you're close to a finished cookie!
Master the base icing application and take your icing cookies to the next level!
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