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Introduction to Watercolor for Beginners

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Learn the basics of watercolor with Elisabeth in a single lesson!
Let's master the fundamental techniques of watercolor painting!

In this lesson, you'll be taught the basic techniques and fundamental knowledge of watercolor as you learn how to paint a simple floral design.

Watercolor is a medium with a soft and slightly transparent finish that allows you to paint everything from portraits to scenery.

"I'm a complete beginner, but I want to try painting using watercolor!" If this is you, these videos are perfect for you - you'll be getting a comprehensive lesson on how watercolor works and how to use it.

In this lesson, you will be learning how to do

・the wet-on-wet technique
・the wet-on-dry technique
・watercolor washes

as well as learning about

◆the tools and materials needed for watercolor painting
◆how to use watercolor paints such that they will last as long as possible
◆the right amount of water to use
◆color theory and how to use it in watercolor
◆how to paint a watercolor flower
◆how to paint leaves that look vibrant and alive

amongst other things.

Elisabeth, who is also a calligrapher, is an expert on all sorts of stationery and crafts. She is sure to deliver a lesson that is geared towards beginners and is extremely easy to understand.

Hopefully, you'll be able to make use of different watercolor techniques to create different effects in your drawings by the end of this lesson, and improve so much that you'll be mistaken for an advanced painter even as a beginner.

Once you master the slightly freestyle floral design introduced in this lesson, you can adjust the color and shape of the base design to create different kinds of flowers as well.

The true charm of watercolor lies in the fact that you can't completely control the movement and the mixing of the colors. However, the most important thing is to master the basics first so that you can one day use watercolor like a master.

Please do watch this lesson and learn basic watercolor techniques that even beginners can master with no problems!
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