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How to Hand-Letter a Wood Sign

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Fun for beginner calligraphers!
This lesson will teach you how to create a fancy signboard!

Make the design true to your style!
In this lesson, you'll learn how to make a mature and naturalistic
wooden signboard.

"I'm opening a home salon!"
"I want to design a signboard for my friend's wedding!"
"My front door doesn't feel welcoming enough..."

Why not make a calligraphy sign by hand for a fancy and mature touch of style?

Wooden signboards are easy to customize and rearrange to fit them with any scene or occasion.

In this lesson. Elisabeth, a popular American calligrapher, will carefully teach you how to create a fancy wooden signboard.

You can use your completed signboard for your friend's wedding, or for your own office or home entrance.
It's sure to give any space a comforting naturalistic atmosphere.

You can easily decorate it with illustrations fit for the season or occasion.

Once you learn how to make it once, you can arrange it however you like.
Try changing the size and design depending on the scene!

This is the perfect sign for displaying names and dates for special occasions and weddings.

Take this opportunity to learn a new fun and useful craft!
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