How to Use Wax Seal Stamps

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A mature and elegant antique look!
This lesson will teach you how to use wax seals!

Great for wedding and handmade goods!
This lesson will teach you how to use wax seals that can help brighten up the message of your letters and cards.

Since long ago in European countries, sealing wax has been used to seal documents and letters.

It was originally used to indicate that a letter or document wasn't opened, but did you know that lately it's been used in other ways?

Many handmade and wedding goods crafters have been using it as decorations for its cute antique look.

In this lesson, Elisabeth, a popular American calligrapher, will carefully teach you how to use wax seal stamps in three different ways!

How you will use wax seals and what tools you will use is determined by whether you're sending out a single letter or dozens of wedding invitations. This lecture will cover both cases.

With the many tips in this lesson, even beginners can beautifully use wax seals without a worry.

Once you know the proper process, you'll be able to use it in a wide variety of projects.

Your letters don't have enough spark? Add a cute seal on it and suddenly your heartfelt messages are beautiful!

Take this opportunity to learn various ways of incorporating wax seals to your everyday crafts!
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