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Succulent Wreath Tutorial

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A trendy decorative addition to any home!
Learn how to make a succulent wreath with this tutorial.

This lesson shows how to make a large wreath with varieties of succulent plants!
A wreath with fresh green succulents is a perfect interior decoration for any home.

A mix of succulents are mostly grown in planters, but planting them on a wreath creates a wonderful interior decoration!

Laying out cuts of thick, fleshy succulents on a wreath base
may make some people wonder
if it can hold their weight when hung on the wall.

In this tutorial, Marrisa, who has made various succulent wreaths,
will explain how to securely plant succulents on the base!

With this step by step tutorial, you will be able to make a succulent wreath that can stand vertically as interior design.

It also shows:

◆A little extra step at the beginning/end that helps achieve a clean finish
◆How to make a stable wreath base with moss
◆How to prepare succulents before planting on the wreath

This video shows various tips and points.

It's easy to follow through even for a succulent arrangement or wreath beginners!

A greeny succulent wreath goes perfect with any rooms!

Hanging it in your room or on the door instantly brightens and refreshes the space.

Once you master the process of making succulent wreaths, try making them in various sizes!
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