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DRAWING ON COOKIES -Drawing Outlines-

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PREPARATION -Coloring, Cream Consistency, Cornet-

A must watch for icing decoration beginners!
This lesson will teach you how to draw clean outlines!

Learn directly from the popular cookie artist, Yohko Takahashi!

This lesson will teach you how to draw outlines, the key to creating beautiful decorations.

You can decorate icing cookies however you like.
The creativity they allow is one of the reasons it's becoming a popular household hobby.

However, decorating an icing cookie isn't as easy as drawing a picture.

But just by mastering how to outline a cookie, you can improve its look greatly!

This lesson will carefully explain how to outline cookies so even beginners can create clean decorations!

◆How to adjust the consistency of the icing
◆How to draw long and short lines
◆How to fix misplaced lines
◆Tips on fixing lines

These and other tips and tricks that will improve your icing techniques are included in this lesson.

Just by drawing clean outlines, the quality of your icing cookies will increase significantly!

This step is a must for all icing cookies.
Once you master this skill, decorating is sure to become more fun!

By perfecting your outlines, you'll be able to design any icing cookie.

Learn how to draw clean outlines and use your new skill for future icing cookies!
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