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Texture with Gemstone Watercolor Paints -Sperm Whales-

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A tutorial by the super popular watercolor artist Cindy!
This time, practice painting a monochrome whale using basic techniques.

The tutorial includes Cindy's hand-painted template!
This lesson uses the wet on wet technique and a single color to paint a realistic and cute whale.

Past tutorials from Cindy demonstrated the wet on wet technique to create colorful paintings that combine multiple colors.

But this time, you'll only use one color.
With the wet on wet technique, you can create a complex and beautiful painting even with a single color.

And this time, use gemstone watercolor paints made from rock pigments rather than the conventional watercolor paints.

This tutorial is a must-see for those who want to expand their repertoire of paintings, since the effect is completely different from what's produced by conventional watercolor paints.

In this tutorial, using the wet on wet technique,
Cindy will explain how to paint a realistic and life-like whale.

In addition, Cindy explains

◆How to choose the right tools for this painting
◆How to transfer the design blueprint without damaging the watercolor paper
◆How to create the unique whale skin texture

and many other tips and techniques that make this a must-see tutorial chock-full of information that will let you create a huge range of paintings.

By using gemstone watercolor paint and perfecting your brush strokes, you can create a life-like portrait of a whale, even with watercolor.

Since you only need a single color, you can use whatever shade you want.
Use your favorite colors and create lots of cute whales!

Hang up your artwork in your room or elsewhere in your home.
You can download Cindy's template and change the size to make postcards too!

Whether you're a watercolor beginner or pro, learn watercolor techniques directly from Cindy and keep on painting!
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