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Shimmering Galaxies – Constellation of Orion

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Comes with a downloadable tamplate of Orion

Revealing how to draw a dreamlike, fantastical galaxy!
This time, learn how to draw a vivid Orion sign!

Using a certain simple method, let's draw your own unique galaxy!
In this lesson, learn to draw a beautiful, twinkling Orion!

Countless stars shine in the vast universe.
A galaxy with numerous stars of many different sizes crowding together always fascinates us.

As one of the constellations that represent winter, the Orion consists of three stars and is known for consisting of many nebulas and star clusters.

In this lesson, the popular illustrator Cindy will teach you how to draw a realistic, sparkling and mysterious Orion.

Learn how to draw it with tips on how to make it realistic.

Specifically, you will learn

◆ How to draw a night sky with bright stars
◆ How to layer colors beautifully
◆ Key points to blending multiple colors beautifully
◆ How to draw a whirlpool galaxy

and much more. The techniques to draw night skies, constellations, and the universe will be fully explained in this lesson.

In this lesson, along with that technique that everyone knows,
Cindy will teach you the techniques she usually uses.

As long as you master the technique, you can freely change the design.
Change it into your favorite colors, add your own constellations and make your own unique universe.

The finished illustration can be framed and decorated in your own home, drawn as a postcard and gifted to friends, or used in handmade projects.
There are endless ways to apply this skill; it's all up to your creative ideas!

You can download the PDF template once you purchase this lesson.
Please take this opportunity to learn how to draw a beautiful galaxy, and increase the range of your illustrations!
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