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Sparkling Galaxies – Constellation of Sagittarius

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Comes with a downloadable tamplate of Sagittarius!

Replicate the constellation of Sagittarius with watercolors!
Learn how to draw a beautiful, fantastical galaxy!

Draw your own galaxy with this simple method!

In this lesson, learn how to draw a fantastical constellation based on the Sagittarius star sign.

Countless stars twinkling in the endless universe.
In this beautiful universe, the bright galaxies always fascinate us.

As one of the 12 constellations, Sagittarius is known as the Milk Dipper that consists of 6 stars.

In this lesson, learn how to draw an illustration of a captivating, charming Sagittarius using watercolors.

Actually, if you use a certain simple method, anyone can easily draw a realistic galaxy.

The popular illustrator Cindy will teach you how to draw a mysterious galaxy in multiple colors, while providing important tips!

Specifically, you will learn

◆ How to choose the appropriate materials for drawing prettier galaxy
◆ How to draw the night sky
◆ How to draw a star sign that you can freely change
◆ How to adjust the shading based on your preferences
◆ Key points on blending multiple colors

and much more. Various tips and techniques on drawing night skies, star signs and the universe will be provided in the lesson.

The focus of this lesson is a technique anyone who is interested in illustration would know.

As long as you master this method, you can freely change it any way you want.
You can change the colors, add your own constellations, and you can try to draw your own unique galaxy.

The finished illustration can be framed and decorated in your home, made into postcards and send them to your friends, or used for DIY projects.

You can utilize it in endless ways depending on your ideas.

You can download the PDF template once you purchase this lesson.
Please take this opportunity to learn this method, and enjoy drawing a beautiful galaxy that you can gaze at forever!
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