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Rainbow Starfish Collection

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Comes with the starfish template Cindy has drawn herself!
She teaches how to draw starfish with the mesmerising shades of colors.

In this lesson, you're going to learn how to draw starfish with watercolor paints.

In another lesson, Rainbow Cactus, you have learned how to paint color gradients in one big motif,
and this lesson focuses on how to apply the technique in smaller areas.

The main technique used in this lesson is, again, wet-on-wet.

Let's take this opportunity to brush up the skills you have just learned!

As Cindy draws colorful starfish, she lectures on:

◯How to handle a brush while painting
◯How to paint color gradients while keeping the outline sharp and neat
◯How to fix the design when you have put on too much water

among many other useful tips.

She thoroughly explains every single process, from transferring the pattern to letting the work dry.

"I haven't got my hands on paints since like, high school."
"Painting is not really my thing, I guess."
Even if you might be feeling that way, no worries at all!

You can try out a very simple pattern like the starfish, and just have fun seeing how the watercolors create magical patterns and textures.

One of the most fascinating features of the watercolor is that it allows plethora of color arrangements for a single design.
After learning to imitate Cindy's work with the same color scheme,
you can try your own combination of colors as well.

If you have not mastered the wet-on-wet technique, start with this lesson!
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