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PREPARATION -Coloring, Cream Consistency, Cornet-

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【Before taking this lesson】
Have you already taken the following lesson?
ROYAL ICING -Making the Icing Cream-

Make your first icing cookies look like a pro's!
This lesson will teach you the basics of decorating cookies!

In this lesson, you'll learn everything from coloring your icing cream to making a piping cornet, drawing lines and dots, and other important skills.

This lesson is filled with techniques all icing cookie beginners should know!

Icing cookies are delicious treats that are fun to look at.

They're easy to make even though they are decorative, and are becoming a popular household hobby.

You don't want to lower their quality just because they're handmade.
This lesson will carefully explain how to create beautiful icing decorations.

◆Making a piping cornet in Yohko Takahashi's style
◆How to create beautiful colors
◆How to use different icings for different application styles

These and other tips and tricks that will help you create icing decoration cookies are included in this lesson.

You'll discover new techniques, such as choosing the right icing cream and using the cornet effectively, by watching a Pro's work!

「I made the icing cream, but I can't apply it well...」
「I used too much coloring and now the color is too bold.」

Once you watch this lesson and know what to be careful of, you won't be making these mistakes again.

Master Yohko's decorating basics and raise the quality of your icing cookies!
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