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Rainbow Cactus

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Watercolor beginners get started with this lesson, with the illustration template Cindy has drawn herself!
Following the guide of the renowned artist, let's study the basics of her watercolor techniques.

In this lesson, Cindy lectures on how to draw a rainbow cactus with watercolors.
This is going to be one of the most basic lessons she provides.

Among the common techniques applied in watercolor paintings,
this time you are going to learn the wet-on-wet technique.

You will be drawing a cactus using this technique, with the rainbow colors beautifully coordinated.

The wet-on-wet technique is a method of painting two different colors in a single area.

Without properly mastering it, you might end up mixing the colors too much,
or fail to create distinct color borderlines.

This lesson is going to be a great opportunity to acquire the essential skills in watercolor!

It even comes with a downloadable PDF template made by Cindy,
so you can practice with it as much as you wish to.

Aside from the wet-on-wet techniques, you can also learn:

◯How to transfer the template onto the working paper
◯How to fix the colors that have not been nicely spread out
◯The order and the positions of the colors to create a beautiful rainbow

and many more, in a way beginners can easily get into it!

And once you have mastered the techniques,
it will open up a wide range of opportunities for your watercolor creations.

"I haven't got my hands on paints since like, high school."
"Painting is not really my thing, I guess."
Even if you might be feeling that way, no worries at all!

You can try out a very simple pattern like the cactus, and just have fun seeing how the watercolors create magical patterns and textures.

After learning to imitate Cindy's work with the same color scheme,
you can try your own combination of colors as well.