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3 Patterns of Mixing Art

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A nuance art design with multiple arrangement options for nails!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make three different designs, that share the same base technique developed by the instructor NAOMI SANO.

One of NAOMI's main talents is creating ambiguous art designs.
You will have the opportunity to learn with her how to make three patterns of mixing art.

①Basic Mixing Art with Tortoiseshell Colors

②Mixing art with two layers

③Mixing Art With Pattern Flow

You will make one design using the base technique alone,
and two designs using the same technique plus complementations.

You can use the same base for different patterns and designs with different levels of complexity.

What makes this art technique stand out is the different types of designs you can make.
Once you master the technique with the instructor,
you will be able to come up with different designs in different color combinations.

Plus, this art design can be finished very quickly. It is going to be productive and popular nail design in your salon work!

Make sure to master the foundation in order to create tons of different designs in the future.

There are so many different combinations you could develop! Bright colors for sunny days, deep colors for cold weathers...
You can match the design with the season and your client's personality.

This minimalistic design goes well with accessories as well.
You can place a golden or silver part in the nail and make it even more elegant with a flawless finish.

You can use this design as a focal point or as complementation in the nail.
Master all tips and techniques and make the best use of them in your salon work!
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