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Bohemian flower

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An art design that feels so casual but gorgeous at the same time!
Learn how to draw an ambiguous flower design that looks nice all year around.

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a beautiful nail design using flowers as inspiration.

Bohemian flowers have an image of transparency and lightness.
Therefore, you will learn how to create a design that passes the same image on the nails.

Flower designs are loved by so many people,
so it is essential to create diverse options for a wide range of clients.

The design you will learn in this lesson
is going to be useful all year round and looks nice in all seasons.

Once you master how to draw this flower, including how to add nuance and transparency,
it is certain that this piece is going to be the new representative work of your salon!

Your instructor, NAOMI SANO, shows you how to draw detailed petals
and how to create the perfect balance in the design.

She also teaches:

◯How to add color nuance to the nail base
◯A trick to make the base look like it is filled with flowers
◯How to draw the flower center maintaining the delicacy of the petals

and more!
You will learn all the tricks to give your design a flawless finish.

In this lesson, you will use pink and orange for the base,
but you can choose your favorite color and make it gorgeous, too.

You can create a light vibe with blue tones or use yellow for bright summer days.
The options are endless.

You can also place some stones and take the design to the next level.

Master this beautiful flower art design that can be used singularly or as a detail in the nail,
and make the best use of it with your clients!
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