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Flower Bread & Cinnamonroll using no-knead bread dough

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After mastering the no-knead bread dough,
it is time to put what you learned into practice and make an authentic bread!

In this lesson, you will use the dough you mastered in the previous lesson,
and make a flower bread and a cinnamon roll.

You instructor, sakunana, will show the directions in details.
The lesson is easy and fun even for those who are just getting started.

Flower bread is a flower shaped bread filled with ham.
With just a simple bread dough and ham,
you can make a cute flower bread like this.

A cinnamon roll, as its name suggests, is the dough flavored with cinnamon and sugar.
The simple taste and voluminous look attract many people to the pastry.

You will learn how two make these two authentic recipes in a single lesson!
The steps are easy so you will not have a hard time at all.

sakunana shares her tips such as:

◯What to do if your oven does not have the "fermentation function"
◯Rules for shaping the bread
◯How to make the cream cheese icing that covers the cinnamon roll

among many other tips!

Cream cheese frosting can be used in so many bread recipes
that once you master it, you will want to use it repeatedly for sure!

One of the best parts of this lesson is that you can see sakunana showing the directions with her own hands.
You can repeat the video as many times as you need and practice with her!

We hope you can master the recipe and make your kitchen smell like a bakery!

If you have not learned how to make the basic no-knead bread dough yet,
you can learn the steps from this lesson:
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