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Cheese Coupe & Bacon Epi from French Bread Dough

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Take this lesson once you have mastered how to prepare the French bread dough!
This lesson shows the recipes for two kinds of authentic bread.

This tutorial demonstrates how to make a bacon epi and a cheese coupe
using the French bread dough taught in another lesson.

Sakunana teaches an easy and enjoyable method
even a beginner can follow.

The word "coupe" comes from a French word for "cut".
Cheese coupe got its name as it's finished with
a filling of cheese in the cut at the top.

The word "epi" means "wheat stalk" in French.
Bacon epi got its name as its shape resembles a stalk of wheat.

This is a two-in-one lesson showing the process of making these two types of bread.
Both can be made with easy steps.

It also includes:

◯How to let the dough rise if your oven doesn't have a bread fermentation function
◯Points to be careful when shaping the loaf
◯An extra little step to achieve a crispy bread surface

It explains various tips and points.

These bread can be made easily at home, so even if you don't have the time
to go to baking classes, you can watch this tutorial and learn!

It doesn't require any special tools or techniques
and even a baking beginner can enjoy making.

So take this opportunity and learn how to make them.

If you have not yet learned how to prepare the French bread dough,
you can take the lesson from here!
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