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Preparing French Bread Dough

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An Easy homemade recipe!
This lesson teaches how to prepare the dough for a French bread.

It shows the steps of preparing the dough for French bread,
which is one of the authentic breads you can make at home.

Learning how to prepare this dough lets you bake different types of bread using French bread dough.
You will be able to bake even more different kinds of bread!

You may think making a French bread is difficult.
But this lesson shows a method anyone can follow at home.

With sakunana's easy steps,
you can enjoy bread making at home.

This lesson introduces the dough making procedure
even a bread making beginner can follow at home.

◯Points to remember when combining ingredients
◯An alternative method if your oven doesn't have fermentation function
◯How to knead the dough evenly

It includes these above points.

You will be able to enjoy bread making even if your oven doesn't have a fermentation function!

The lesson is easy enough for beginners also,
so please give it a try.

Knowing how to make the French bread dough
will let you bake various kinds of bread using the French bread dough.

It will certainly expand your bread recipe collection.

This dough is very easy and can be made in no time.
If you have always wanted to try making bread but couldn't find the time,
this is your chance to try!

Once you have learned how to prepare the French bread dough, try making some authentic bread with it!

In sakunana's another lesson,
two kinds of bread: bacon epi and cheese coupe are introduced!

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