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Marble Tile Turquoise

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Learn how to make a hand-made sticker!
A lecture on a nail art with natural stone-patterned tiles.

This lesson is on how to make a tile art using
stickers produced by Maya Tempaku which are on sale from TSUMEKIRA.

Based around a turquoise color, this design is simple yet bold.

Tile patterned art can make the main art fashionable
but takes time to draw from scratch.

With limited time for salon work, many must have hesitated to offer such designs to their customers.

But today, your problem will be solved!
While learning how to use Tempaku's stickers for an artwork,
also learn how to make the stickers yourself so that
you can make the same artwork even when you don't have the stickers.

Along with the tips for using stickers,
you will learn how to make the tiles from scratch,
so you can enjoy making marble tile art whenever you want!

Also featured in this lesson are;

- The amount of gel you should use when drawing intimate patterns and how to take the gel
- How to draw thin lines without making them wobble
- How to color a part of the nail gold without using glitter gels

and many more.

As you learn how to make the stickers on your own, you will be able to make the stickers with different colors.

You can use pink for a more flowery impression, or brown to make them look calmer and chicer.

Try making them with various colors depending on your customer's character.

The hand-make stickers can be stored,
so you can use them for unexpected orders.

Learn how to make tiles along with
the simple yet fashionable Marble Tile Turquoise for your daily salon work!

The stickers and other items used in the lesson can be bought from the bottom of the page where you play the video.
Check them out as well!
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