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Silicone Mold Nail Decoration -Heart Capsules-

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Let's create motifs with gel!
This lesson teaches how to make heart capsule nail motifs.

In this lesson, the instructor explains how to create motifs with gel
by demonstrating the production of heart capsules using a silicone mold.

Unlike the acrylic accessories in the previous lessons,
accessories made from gel are transparent.

There are many different motifs in the silicone molds
produced by Nyanchan, including "Love cat" and "My unicorn",
and this lesson uses the heart motif from one of these molds.

This lesson introduces the process of making heart-shaped motifs
with floating glitter or holographic pieces and placing them on the nails.

In addition, this lesson covers:

◯A trick that prevents glitter from scattering
◯How to adjust the shape of motifs to match the nail's curve
◯The order in which glitter and holographic pieces should be added
◯How to create depth

and more. Nyanchan explains in detail the key points to remember
in order to produce delicate and refined motifs.

The heart capsules made with the gel can be kept for later use.

You can save time in salon work by making
motifs of different colors in your spare time and storing them.

Red is used as the main color in this lesson, but feel free to modify colors
to match other nail designs or based on the customer's personality.

You can also expand the color variation
by making multi-colored motifs, instead of using only a single color.

Master the key points described by the instructor,
and try making them many times!

Widen your repertoire of original nail accessories
by learning how to create motifs using gel!

※The mold used in this lesson
is officially available only on Nail Partner.

※The mold used in this lesson is officially available only on Nail Partner.
Please note that only Nail Partner members can purchase the mold.
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