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Silicone Mold Nail Decoration -Cat Paw-

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This lesson shows how to make a decoration piece consisting of multiple parts!
It teaches how to mold a paw shape.

This lesson demonstrates the making of a cat paw out of the silicone mold
and walks you through the steps to creating and assembling a decoration piece.

It shows how to make the individual piece and how to put them together,
applying the techniques learned in the basic molding lesson.

Nyanchan has designed various silicone molds,
including "Love cat" and "My unicorn".
This lesson uses a paw shape from one of these molds.

The cat paw is molded from several parts of the paw pads.
This lesson shows the complete process of molding a cat paw and attaching it to the nail,
as well as in what order each piece should be made and how to put the pieces together.

It also explains:

◯Points to remember when adding the mixture into the mold
◯How to make each piece nice and even
◯Tips for securely attaching the piece on to the nail
◯Preparation steps before adding the mixture in a larger mold

It also includes various other points and tips.

It introduces useful tips and points especially for making a piece consisting of multiple parts.

This decorative piece can be made in advance for later use.

You can utilize your free time and make a stock of them
to shorten the application time in your salon work.

With the separate individual pieces, it may be difficult to
make an even, balanced piece, but you can learn those tips
from Nyanchan in this tutorial.

This lesson shows the process using the black mixture,
but you can modify the colors in any way you like.

So use the color powder your client prefers
and make different pieces!

Once you have learened how to mold the cat paw,
take the Silicone Molde: Gel Heart Capsulelesson!

※The mold used in this lesson is officially available only at Nail Partner.
Please note only the Nail Partner members can purchase the mold.
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