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Silicone Mold Nail Decoration -Colorful Unicorns-

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Create motifs using multiple colors!
This lesson teaches how to create colorful unicorns.

In this lesson, the instructor explains how to create motifs using acrylic powders
of different colors by demonstrating the creation of unicorn motifs with a silicone mold.

Learn how to arrange multiple colors beautifully,
based on the basic molding techniques that you have already learned.

There are various motifs in the silicone molds
produced by Nyanchan, "Love cat" and "My unicorn",
but in this lesson, the unicorn motif is used.

This lesson covers the whole process up to placing the unicorn on the nail, focusing on
the method of adding acrylic so that you can reproduce the mold's delicate design.

In addition, the instructor explains:

◯Types of nail tips suitable for the base to create pretty accessories
◯How to create a color gradation with the mixtures
◯Molding techniques that allow you to keep parts for later
◯Ways to decorate the face that gives a delicate impression

and more.

Being able to create motifs with mixtures containing multiple colors
will definitely increase the range of your nail art!

The greatest merit of using molds to create accessories
is that you can freely choose their colors.

Since you can express originality unlike when buying the accessories,
you can adjust the motifs to match
the rest of the nail design or your customer's preference.

Motifs with multiple colors and delicate designs are slightly difficult to make,
but they build up more elaborate nail designs.

No mistake, they will be popular among your customers!

This lesson is a comprehensive tutorial that covers the process up until the finishing touches
as well as various tips to reproduce delicate designs. Please have a try!

Once you master making the colorful unicorns,
try out motifs with separate sections such ascat paws!

※The mold used in this lesson is officially available only on Nail Partner.
Please note that only Nail Partner members can purchase the mold.
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