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Silicone Mold Nail Decoration -Basic Molding-

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This lesson uses a silicone mold designed by instructor Nyanchan!
It shows how to make a nail decoration piece using acrylic powder.

This lesson teaches the basic molding technique through a demonstration
of making a heart-shaped decoration piece in a silicone mold.

It shows how to make a nail decoration piece using the acrylic mixture.

Nyanchan has designed various silicone molds,
including "Love cat" and "My unicorn."
This lesson uses a heart shape from one of these molds.

It demonstrates how to make an acrylic piece that can be used as a nail decoration,
and shows the basic molding method.

The lesson introduces the basics of molding and explains in detail the below points:

◯The right consistency of the molding mixture
◯Tips for casting a clean shape
◯How to fix uneven shapes

It also includes various other points and tips.

This lesson will show you all the steps, from molding the piece to placing it on to the nail,
so that you can apply the techniques in your salon work right away.

It also teaches how to finish by applying a sticker on the molded piece.
Everything you need to know, from how to select the right sticker and how to apply it on to the nail, is shown in this tutorial.

This acrylic piece cannot be made in advance for later use, but knowing how to make it
allows you to quickly apply a nice decoration piece even within the limited time at your salon.

This lesson introduces many useful tips and points.
So learn the techniques and make them useful in your salon work!

Once you have learened the basic molding process, try making a different design introduced in the advanced lesson!

※The mold used in this lesson is officially available only at Nail Partner.
Please note only the Nail Partner members can purchase the mold.
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