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TEks Tweed

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Say goodbye to the classic tweed nails.
Learn how to do an upgraded tweed nail art with texture, perfect for the cold days.

Considered as one of the most essential old school arts in salon works,
you will learn in this lesson, how to do tweed tips.

There are many ways you can do tweed tips, but you will learn a brand new style with your instructor mayu,
who designed this fresh tweed nail look.

mayu shows how to recreate a tweed fabric, and mix it
with this year's street-style trends, making the nail super chic.

The highlight of this piece includes the dimensionality and the realistic details that mayu bring to the design.
In this lesson, she shares her secrets on how to add dimension and high details to the art,
which is indispensable for a beautiful tweed nail.

You will also learn:

◯How to make the art visually ambiguous, giving it the perfect finish.
◯Tips on how to correctly fit a three-dimensional tweed pattern in the nail.
◯How top coat can add dimension to the nail art.

... and many other tips! Yet again, mayu walks you through the steps while sharing her insights with her iconic chats.

And there is more! You will learn with mayu how to correctly apply chains to the nail,
and all the essential points you need to know in order to finish the nail with a well-balanced art.

In this lesson, the nail is finished with a street-style vibe, and with a pattern of colors.
However, the color combinations are endless, so feel free use your creativity to make magic!

You can go with the classic black and white or with a more girlish tone like pink.
Either way, you will be surprised with the result!

There are many combinations of colors and styles that you can try.
So have fun and challenge yourself to create something amazing!

Master how to recreate this tweed pattern, and step up your winter style!
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