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BASIC COOKIES -Making Cookie Dough-

02 cookie making square 01
02 cookie making square 02
A must-watch lesson for beginners in icing cookies!
Learn how to make delicious plain cookies in Yohko Takahashi's style!

Mastering how to make a basic cookie dough is the right place to start as a beginner.

In this lesson, you will learn the tips to make the perfect cookie dough!

Icing cookies are not only pretty but they also make a wonderful gift.
And they are surprisingly easy! More and more people are trying out the cookie recipes in the kitchen.

However, beginners often face difficulties like:

- Air bubbles in the dough
- Getting the taste just right

Do you have a hard time figuring these things out? Well, then you are in luck!

In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to learn with Yohko how to make a flawless cookie dough.

Yohko does not only focus on the presentation but also in the taste of the cookie! You will learn tips like:

◆How to avoid making air bubbles
◆The right amount of sweetness
◆How to properly store cookie dough
◆How to bring out the flavor

This lesson has plenty of Yohko's tips on how to achieve the perfect dough.

This lesson is perfect for beginners who want to bake tasty icing cookies without failing!
It includes all the tips and techniques you need to know.

Mastering how to make a basic dough is essential in order to make a beautiful icing decoration.

If you're baking handmade cookies, you probably want to make sure the appearance and the taste are on point.

So let's join Yohko and learn how to bake tasty icing cookies!
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