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Watercolor Lesson -How to Paint a White Anemone Flower-

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Once you've mastered the basics of watercolor, try out this lesson!
Paint a white anemone flower using watercolor.

In this lesson, using the techniques mastered in the basic lesson,
you will paint a white anemone.

Anemone, a flower unique for its big size, has a wide variety of colors.
It is a perfect motif to enjoy making arrangements with various colors of watercolor.

Delicateness and a natural atmosphere are the features of the watercolor paintings that Carla, the instructor, paints.
She also creates a calm mood with moderate antiqueness.

Learn how to paint an anemone with that kind of atmosphere.

Through this lesson, you will learn;

◯How to color the base to show a nice white color
◯How to draw shades that look natural
◯How to overlay colors to express wateriness

and many more techniques essential for painting a realistic anemone.

Carla finishes up the work without it looking dirty even after adding dark colors on light colors. The way she uses the brush is a must-see.

Flower illustrations painted with watercolor can be used in infinite ways.

By putting one on a card with a message or including one in a thank-you letter,
you can create a flowery mood.

In this lesson, the anemone is drawn with white,
but many different colors of anemones exist, such as red, purple, blue, and pink ones.

You can paint just one flower, but you can also make a lovely painting with multiple anemones. Try painting with different colors!

If you are a beginner in watercolor painting, start with the basic lesson.
"Watercolor Introduction Materials and Basic Brush Techniques" features the tools that Carla usually uses and the basic techniques needed for watercolor.
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