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How to Make Simple but Beautiful Plant Hangers

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Jamie's Favorite Planter Arrangement!
A lesson on how to make 2 different kinds of hanging planters!

Your doorway and balcony will instantly look livelier!
In today's lesson, Jamie will be introducing 2 ways to decorate your balcony with hanging plants.

"My balcony looks a bit bare..."
"Are there any plants that can be grown in my backyard and are easier to take care of than flowers?"

For those of you thinking that, foliage plants, beautiful and natural-looking, are the way to go.

Especially for hanging planters, you'll be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the plants without them taking up too much space.

For today's lesson, Jamie will be teaching you how to make 2 types of hanging planters while thoroughly going through all the points you should take note of.

This lesson won't be on the basics of plant-care, but will teach:

◆How to pick your planters Jamie-style
◆How to actually attach your planter to the ceiling
◆Tips on how to get your planters to hang at just the right height
◆A hassle-free way to water your plants in their planters

and more, filled with tips and tricks so that beginners to plant arrangement will be able to easily make their own hanging planters as well.

Once you've mastered how to make hanging planters, feel free to add your own twist to what you've learnt.
Lining up a row of hanging planters made with different baskets or plants makes for a cool arrangement too.

By changing the kind of basket that you use for the planter, you'll be able to create hanging planters of different feels.

Why not take this chance to learn how to make hanging planters and spruce up your doorway or balcony!
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