How to Create a Green Wall

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Would you like to try grow indoor plants at home?
Learn how to transform the mood of your room into that of a sophisticated cafe by making a green wall!

For those looking for elegant interior decorations!
In this lesson, learn to create a brightening and refreshing green wall!

A green wall, as the name suggests, refers to a wall that is green.

Jamie's Instagram is filled with questions on how to make a plant adhere to the wall and turning it green!

In this lesson, you will learn all the techniques needed to do that!

You might be thinking that your room looks a bit empty with just interior decorations or you might have wondered if there are any plants that you can easily grow at home.

For times like that, natural and beautiful ornamental plants are recommended!

Jamie will carefully explain how to make plants grow on a wall with important key points!

Specifically, you will learn

◆The basic way to grow a plant
◆How to make the plant stick to the wall nicely
◆The key points to prolonging the life of the plant

and many more points will be explained in this lesson so that even beginners will be able to practice their skills with ease.

Plants are the grandest and the most beautiful art that nature creates.
Decorating with plants doesn't just mean simply placing them somewhere.

By learning the characteristics of each plant and the respective ways to grow and decorate them, you'll be able to keep them looking nice for a longer time!

A wall covered in green foliage looks impressive!
Green blends well with any space, so while it looks stunning, it will also make your room look more natural.

Please take this opportunity and learn to make a vibrant green wall, and bring a breeze of fresh air into your room!
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