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Here's your invitation to Jamie's Jungle!
You will be guided through Jamie's jungle which is only available on MIROOM!

Welcome to Jamie's Jungle!
In today's lesson, you will be guided through a world of interior ornamental plants by Jamie, who has 2 hundred thousand followers on Instagram (as of May 2019)!
You will be taken on a tour of indoor ornamental plants!

You might be thinking that your room looks a bit empty with just interior decorations...
Or you may be considering plants that can be easier to grow than flowers.

For these occasions, natural and beautiful ornamental plants are recommend!

They are much easier to attain than expensive interiors, and can easily brighten up the space in your room.

In this lesson, Jamie, who is not only knowledgeable in ornamental plants but interior as well, will fully explain the charm of ornamental plants that you can easily grow indoors!

Plants are the most beautiful art nature creates.
Decorating with plants doesn't just mean placing them somewhere.

By learning the plant's characteristics and the respective ways to decorate each plant, you will be able to display them for longer periods of time and more beautifully.

Classy and elegant ornamental plants also have healing qualities.

They're essential for when you're relaxing in your room, or when you're entertaining guests.

For those that have always had an interest but have never tried, please use this opportunity to take a peek into the world of interior ornamental plants!
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