Tall Statement Arrangement

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Great for celebrations and gifts as well!
Learn how to make a tall bouquet that stands out!

In this lesson, learn how to make a tall bouquet.
This is a lesson that beginners in flower arrangement can also try.

A tall arrangement, as the name suggests, is a bouquet that's tall.

This bouquet can be sent to celebrate the opening of a new store or as a gift to a loved one.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a tall bouquet in Sammy's style.

You will be shown how to create a bouquet that's refreshing, lively
and three-dimensional from scratch.

Other than how to make it, the instructor will explain:

◆The order of placing the flowers
◆Tips on how to arrange them so that they look natural
◆Tips on how to make the bouquet stand out

and much more.

This lesson is recommended for beginners in flower arrangement
as well as those who have made small bouquets but have never attempted larger ones!

A tall bouquet that stands out is the perfect gift for a special occasion.

Small bouquets are wonderful too, but a tall bouquet that can brighten up
any room will surely be appreciated.

Once you master the techniques and key points, you can develop them freely.

After mastering how to make a bouquet in Sammy's style,
let's make a unique bouquet with your favorite flowers!
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