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Shabby Garden

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Successful in interior decorations!
The video will be teaching how to make the freely adjustable shabby garden!

For this lesson, the process in making the Shabby Garden (an aroma wax sachet you decorate)
expressing the scenery of a flower planted in a bucket will be taught.

Placed on top of a bucket made out of wax, the Shabby Garden is very successful in interior
decorations with its gorgeousness and some scent added to the wax.

For this lesson,
the extra effort in expressing the antique nature of the shabby garden will be the focus.
In recent years, interior decorations and fashions with a shabby theme has been popular.


◯how to place the flower on the bucket to seem it's growing out of it
◯how to achieve balance when arranging the flowr
◯how to enhance shabbiness

will also be taught.

Even the method itself is simple, the final product looks really elaborate
so the lesson is recommendable to beginners too!

Even if the shape is not round, you can have it as a box or change the height of the pot.
You can also change the size to make so it's free to arrange it how you wish.

Try making it by choosing a color or flower matching with the room's vibe!

The Shabby Garden is also suitable as a present as you can add letters inside.

You can add the recipient's name,
putting gratitude to those who are often kind to you
and including "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulation" when it's someone's birthday or a day of celebration.

Using your favorite color and flower material, try making Shabby Garden's with various atmospheres.
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