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Gel & Aroma Soy Candle

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This tutorial shows how to make two types of aroma candles with flowers in them!
It demonstrates how to make easy, stylish candles.

This lesson teaches how to make aroma candles
with flowers placed like they are floating inside.

It shows the process of making two kinds of candles;
one with the white top made with the soy wax,
and another with the colored top made with the gel wax.

This lesson shows the easy steps of making these candles, and also explains:

◯Why the bubbles form
◯An extra little step to remove the bubbles nicely
◯How to check the dyed soy wax color

It contains various tips and points.

The soy wax is transparent when melted, but becomes whitish when hardens.
So it's difficult to know the actual color when dying it.
This lesson will show an easy method for checking the color.

It also explains in detail how to add dye and fragrance,
so it can be easily followed by the beginners also!

Once you know how to make them, you can make so many different varieties!

You can make them not only in different colors,
but also with various flower materials to give them different looks.

You can use the red flower materials or make the top in white or green to make it Christmassy,
or pick other colors that suit the season and events!

Once you have made them, have fun
displaying in your room or giving to your friends as a gift.