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Tree Terrarium

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Perfect for Christmas!
Learn how to make a tree terrarium candle through this lesson.

This lesson will teach you how to make a super Christmassy tree terrarium,
with a tree-shaped candle trapped inside a glass bin.

It's a seasonal terrarium, perfect for decorating your room during the winter season.

The lesson will teach you how to make trees and snow out of wax,
filling the terrarium up with flowers and with hints of Christmas joy.

The lesson will give you tips on how to make your terrarium realistic and will also talk about other essential techniques.
The lesson will teach you how to make a tree, how to create two types of snow, and how to give a clean finish to your terrarium in detail.

The lesson will also talk about:

◯tips on placing the leaves,
◯techniques you'll need in order to make your tree look realistic,
◯how to decorate your tree using glitter,

and more...
You will be able to enjoy this lesson, even if you're a beginner. Challenge yourself!

Once you've mastered how to make one, try making them in different colors.

The lesson uses gray-colored wax in order to make a tree candle,
you can try making them in pink like the one in the preview picture.

You can also use classic colors such as green or you can even make it in blue.

You can change your terrarium's look by using flowers of different textures and colors.
So go ahead and try using different types of flowers.

Have fun creating your own original tree terrarium,
using your favorite flowers and colors!
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