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Pine Cones Made from Beeswax

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A seasonal candle making lesson!
Make a pinecone-shaped candle out of beeswax, and enjoy its warm flames on a cold, wintery night.

The lesson is about making a cute, round
pinecone-shaped candle.

Are you knew to candle making? Do not fret!
"The lesson will teach you an easy way to make these candles."

The season of candlelight is approaching
as the weather gets colder by the day.

The pinecone candle is perfect for cold weathers,
and you can enjoy making candles of various colors and sizes. They're very customizable.

In this lesson, you will be taught how to make
a three-dimensional, pinecone-shaped candle while also learning about:
◯Tips on how to get the shape right.
◯How to decorate the candle to make it look more realistic.

◯How to add coloring to your candle.

And more...

This lesson will give you step-by-step instructions and tips on how to make the pinecone look realistic.

The finished candle may seem hard to make at first glance,
but once you understand the process, it's actually very easy.

This lesson is catered towards beginners,
and you can try making this at home with your children. Have fun!

The candles in this lesson are uncolored in order to maintain the beeswax's color,
but feel free to add color to your candle if you want to.

Decorate your room by making these colorful pinecone candles. They'll serve as great seasonal interior decoration.
They're even cuter when there's more than one,
so have fun and start making these pinecone candles of different color and sizes!
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