Line Drawing on a Wheel

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Porcelarts beginners cannot miss this lesson!
This lesson teaches how to draw lines using a throwing wheel.

In this lesson, Kaori Kimura shows how to draw lines on a wheel.

It shows the process and the tips for drawing even and clean lines on a spinning wheel.

As many of you already know,
a throwing wheel is a circular table that rotates.

A throwing wheel is a very useful instrument.
By placing a porcelain ware at the center of the spinning wheel
and positioning the brush over it, you can draw lines on circular objects and plates.

With a throwing wheel, you can create precise lines on porcelain ware
that do not look like they were drawn by hand.

Once you know this technique, it can be applied to many other designs,
so it's a must-learn technique for the porcelarts beginners.

In addition to the basics of line drawing, this lesson also introduces:

◯How to prepare the glazing pigment for drawing lines and its correct consistency
◯How to center the porcelain ware on the wheel
◯Recommended brushes for line drawing on a wheel
◯Points to remember when taking the paint on the brush

This lesson shows many tips and points in detail.

Although it's a simple technique, understanding how to do it
lets you easily create even and precise lines,
so please take this opportunity and learn.

When you know how to draw lines on a wheel, you can make
tablewares with simple designs like strips and few other lines.

Once you get the hang of it,
this technique can be applied in so many other designs.

Changing the color of the paint also gives a different look.
So decorate various pieces with many different colors!
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