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Copic Marker Illustration "Little Devil" Day.7

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Illustrations using Copic Pens!
In day 7 of the lesson, the lower half of the body is colored and decorated, highlights are added, and the illustration comes to a finish.

This lesson walks you through the finishing touches
of the coloring of the lower half of the body.
Decorations like a tattoo and devil wings are done
and highlights are thoroughly added, finishing up the illustration.

The coloring process has already been done in several processes,
and this time the finishing touches are added, by enhancing the contrast
and by drawing stitches on the skirt and pockets.

By adding shadows and stitches according to the shape of the cloth,
a sense of motion is added to the skirt.

You will be able to express the lively feel particular to skirts.

The instructor also shows you how to express the shining of the light using white,
and details such as the shine of the nails or the light in the eyes.

These are the main topics that will be taught. Apart from this, learn

◯how to add a sense of transparency to the hair
◯how to emphasize the border when the colors on both sides are the same
◯where to draw the lines when adding highlights to the hair
◯how to let the white background blend with the illustration

These are some of the other tips taught in this lesson.

The instructor gives a detailed lecture on the knack for perfecting the finishing touches.

Throughout the 7-day long lesson, the instructor added color one by one,
mainly focusing on showing how to create a sense of dimension and depth.

You can watch the lesson video as many times as you want,
so try the illustration yourself as you watch over and over.

Once you've mastered the techniques,
you'll be able to apply them whenever you are coloring an illustration.
So please learn from the video and try it out.

If you wish to learn the entire coloring process taught by instructor Kawana,
choose this lesson set.
The set includes lessons from Day 1 through Day 7.
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