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Copic Marker Illustration "Little Devil" Day.6

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Drawing illustrations using COPICs!
In Day 6 lesson, we will finish up the coloring of the upper body.

This lesson shows you how to finish up coloring of the upper body.

Over the previous lessons, colors have been applied in multiple layers.
Finally, it's time for finishing up.

As explained in the previous lessons, colors are placed in layers
for creating a 3D image and a depth effect.

In this lesson, you will learn how to do a touch-up at the last stage
by finishing up the gradation of hairs and adding shades to the neck area.

The lesson features on how to add depth to the hair using different colors for the front and the back
and how to create a gradation in the hair to finish up the dark part of the hair.

Other topics in this lesson include:

◯ How to create shadows for the hair around neck area
◯ Tips to give a translucent image to the hair
◯ The way to fix mistaken marks in gray on a white canvas
◯ How to create shadows for the parts under the tilted face, etc.

When you come to the finalizing stage, you will be so afraid of making any mistake.
However, if you know the way to fix such mistake, you will have no worries.

As the hair covers a large space in the illustration, it impacts the overall quality of the work,
and the presentation of fine details like shades and shines becomes a very important task.

This is a must-see lesson for those who have experienced problems like
"hairs tend to look heavy" or "hairs have no shiny look or nice movements".

Please watch and enjoy learning Mrs. Kawana's way of drawing hairs.

When you master coloring in dark tone in Day 6 Lesson, you will go on tothe final lesson.
In the next lesson, you will learn to draw some decorative motifs and to add some highlight.

Please enjoy and master the way to draw nice illustrations through a step-by-step process.
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