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Copic Marker Illustration "Little Devil" Day.3

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Copic marker illustration!
In this third lesson, the instructor shades the illustration with base colors.

In this lesson, the instructor adds more colors to her illustration with base colors
to make clear shadows.

Shading is a must for a 3D illustration.
You can enhance contrast and depth in your illustration by shading
so that it looks more real.

In this lesson, the instructor tells you where to shade
and some tips for a natural shading.

She explains how to shade to enhance its 3D appearence
and tells you which colors she uses in shading.

Moreover, she explains:

○Why she uses lines with different thicknesses
○How to add colors for enhancing a roundness and luster
○How to blend out the parts with no shades

etc. She explains how to add colors in details to prevent your illustration
from becoming dull and unshaded.

Adding colors one by one
with careful consideration
leads to a beautiful finish.

You can acquire how to shade to give a 3D appearence to your illustration
and how to blend the colors out to make it look more real.

Those who are not good at modeling illustrations
must watch this video and learn Mrs. Kawana's way of coloring.

After shading the illustration in this lesson,move on to the fourth lesson
and learn how to color the hair and clothes.

Go ahead and master the way of shading while enjoying watching her illustration process!
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