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Copic Marker Illustration "Little Devil" Day.2

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Drawing an illustration using COPIC pens!
On day 2 lesson, the base colors will be painted.

In this lesson, Kawana is going to show you
how to start adding base colors to the draft.

The process of adding the base colors is the most important process of all coloring.

When you draw, you need to use lots of colors and overlay them
to create a sense of depth and movements

What colors to use for the base is very important
since the colored painted over it will look different
depending on the colors used for the base.

In this lesson, you will learn how to pick base colors
so that the overlaid colors will look beautiful.

Kawana will teach you what to pay attention to while coloring the base.

◯How to add the highlights for the hair
◯How color the base so that the girl's top would look horizontally stretched.
◯How to add a 3D feel on the hair

She will thoroughly teach you
how to paint the base colors for the illustration.

Since the hair covers a large area in the illustration,
achieving movements and a 3D feel is essential
or the work will look flat and uninteresting.

She will teach you which part of the hair to color for achieving a 3D feel and
what to do when you can't decide where to paint.

If you think you are not good at adding movements and a 3D feel to your work,
you must watch her techniques and learn from it.

After this day 2 lesson, watchDay 3 lesson.
More colors are going to be overlaid for contouring.

The eyes, the most important part of the girl, will be colored as well.
Let's learn step by step!
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