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Air Brush Basic Lesson -3D Coloring & Placing Jewelry-

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Airbrush 101 - The Essentials
Learn the basics of airbrushing while creating a nail design with 3D effect.

In this lesson, you will learn all the basic techniques of airbrushing,
from how to use an airbrush to how to properly clean it.
At the same time, you will also create a nail design with 3D effect using airbrush gel.

3D color art reproduces the effect that the light has on the nail,
keeping the one-color nail design at its best state.

This is not your average solid-color nail.
You will learn how to elevate your game with a few simple tricks.

Airbrushes allow you to achieve a level of quality
that is not often found in works made with oval and flat brushes.

You also save time by using an airbrush,
even in cases where the nail design has small details and require precision.

In this basic airbrush lesson,
you will learn not only how to use the tool, but also tips for controlling the air pressure
and properly cleaning the airbrush so it can last longer.

This design made with airbrush gel might be simple,
but it never goes out of style in salon work.
You will learn how to make this nail design while absorbing all the basic techniques of airbrushing!

You will also learn:

◯How to cover the skin around the nail when airbrushing
◯How to control the consistency of gel so it is easier to spray
◯How to properly position the paint gun in order to flawlessly airbrush the nail

among many others!
All of these essential rules and tips are explained in detail during the lesson.

Your instructor will use "Nudy Pink" to color the nails,
but you can make the design with your favorite color!

Note that you will also learn how to make the "Nudy Pink" tone.

In addition, you will receive an exclusive tutorial on how to place jewels on the nail.

Learn how you can use jewelry on the nail
to bring your one-color nail design to the next level.

If you have never touched an airbrush before,
or if you've put it aside for a while and want to challenge yourself again,
this is the opportunity to master the airbrushing techniques and improve your skills!

Remember that airbrushed nails with fine details will always be among the hottest trends in salon work.

After you master the basics, it is time to put into practice what you learned!
Check out:
Mineral ~Amber~ and learn how to make a chic airbrush nail design with the skills you learn!
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